Monday, March 30, 2009

My Truck Will Reach 200,000 Miles This Morning!

As the GM CEO steps down due to US Government pressure, my 1995 Toyota pickup, which I bought new with a dumb car loan because I was dumber about finances back then, will reach 200,000 miles as I drive in to work today! I am thrilled!!!

The only major repairs beyond routine brakes, tune-ups, oil changes, etc. have been a new radiator, starter, timing chain, and water pump. I want to keep this truck even when I get a newer car next year.

Kelly Blue Book says the truck is only worth $1000 but to me it's worth at least $11,000 since that's the lowest cost of any newer vehicle that I'm currently interested in buying. Even if I had to replace the motor or transmission, it would be worth it to me because I can pay for it outright without incurring more debt.


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