Saturday, March 28, 2009

Free Joy of Songbirds

Over the 9.5 years I've lived here, the songbirds seasonally show up each spring to sing their hearts out! They have no care in the world except to sing! When I moved in here, there were already two older trees available to them. Over the years, I 've planted about 7 more trees without intentionally inviting the birds to hang out at my house, but I'm glad they choose to land here. Last year, I was privileged to host a nest in one of the older deciduous trees but didn't discover it until late fall. These simple natural, organic events thrill me to pieces!!!

Since I don't overwork and removed excessive stress in my life, I have time to both listen to and enjoy the songbirds. I literally stop and smell the roses growing my front yard (and will likely clip a few of them later on today). Life in the natural world is completely fulfilling and I am grateful that I am able to appreciate it. Freedom!

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