Friday, March 6, 2009

I Really Only Trust God

Our United States currency still boldly proclaims on each bill, "IN GOD WE TRUST." Had it not been for my faith, I certainly would be in a terrible state of mind right now.

I really only trust God. My faith has actually increased in the last 4 years as I paid off debt and became prepared to address the effects of an economic slowdown or recession without being fully aware that it was coming head on.

I don't trust the government, my employer, any church, any entities more than I trust God. When things are working, I trust God. When things aren't working, I trust God. He is my provider, the creator of my very life itself. I did not put myself here and He is the only one who can truly take me out.

Ten years ago, I committed to following the teachings of Christ and the biblical doctrine - which speaks volumes about how to manage money, personal energy, and resources. It works for me. I live in peace and I live simply. I love my life! I wish everyone could experience sheer peace and joy from a fulfilling lifestyle. Even if you don't believe in God as I do, you can experience tidbits of what I am communicating by eliminating debt and spending less. You'll be amazed how much more of life you can really enjoy. Freedom!

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