Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Believe in Frugality but Not Global Warming

I have yet to see man control a hurricane, an earthquake, natural wildfires and floods. Man cannot control nature. It's a big myth, a lie, a falsehood! Man can't "make" a rose nor create native soil for food. There's so much that man cannot do in the natural, real world. Yet, man tries to profit from the thought of global warming as the earth goes through its natural cycles of warming and cooling. I once bought into it but now I just see it as another ploy to control me and my cash.

Planet Earth is a HUGE place! Even if you've only travelled a few hundred miles from where you live, one can easily see the vastness of land, sky. etc. While I want to do my part in wisely and frugally using my resources, it's not because of global warming: I just don't want to live wastefully and I don't want marketers insisting on what I must buy to do my part in "going green" especially when so many big businesses waste energy and resources. All 6 billion of us inhabitants aren't causing the so-called global warming dilemma either. Only "advanced" economies cause most of the "damage." Most people around the world understand not polluting the water you depend on for life and not creating an entire profit making industry to purify what nature/God already provides for our existence.
Many would argue that the melting of polar ice is a natural phenomenon occuring in our lifetime. Is it really our "duty" to save polar bears or are they suppose to naturally disappear? Hmmmmm....

I challenge you to question what you see in the natural world, study the ancients, read about "developing countries" and think about who consistently blathers about global warming. Question one: Are they profiting from their blather? Question two: Are they trying to control you when you aren't truly harming yourself or anyone else? Question three: How much more social injustice derives from both wasteful westerners and a parallel global warming argument? Allow your questions to help you create more questions and think for yourself. Freedom!

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