Wednesday, March 4, 2009

You Have the Power to Pay Off Debt

You can do it!
You can sacrifice buying wants during this recession and pay off your debts so that when the economy picks up, you will be in a very powerful position to impact and create change in your immediate world. With only a mortgage, I am free to both save and give. My attitude about life improves daily because I am not weighed down by the "making ends meet-rob Peter to pay Paul -when is payday-woe is me" mindset. My simple life affords me many opportunities to spend wiser on many things I want that go far beyond my needs. I am able to freely contribute to the life of others in so many ways.

Dave Ramsey's plan works. His baby steps work. I can share this from personal experience. If you want to begin a journey toward personal empowerment, I highly recommend the Dave Ramsey program. I've been working it since 2005 and I intend to use it as a template for personal success for the rest of my days. He saved my financial life.

Check out the other resources listed in the sidebar that changed my life through changing my thinking. Those who benefit most from debt are the ones telling you to how to manage debt. I am a true believer of simply eliminating it and you don't need to pay anyone else to help you pay off your debt. Just start paying it off, penny by penny, dime by dime, no matter how long it takes. A life without the limitations of paying other people all the time awaits you. Freedom!

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