Thursday, March 12, 2009

Avoiding Isolation

I tend to isolate myself because I actually enjoy it. One friend calls me the happy hermit. However, living in isolation on a regular basis isn't God's best and it isn't healthy. As I make my to-do lists each day, I literally write "stay connected" to remind myself to practice what money can't buy by intentionally communicating with someone beyond news, weather, and sports. I often make myself listen after asking a key question to take us to another level and then heart connections begin. After most encounters, I feel lifted but mostly less alone in the world or in my own space.

Spending money will not fill the voids of life: only safe people can do that for you. Buying more stuff will not bring lasting joy, it will only create more clutter and debt if you don't pay cash for it. While I don't make resolutions at the start of a new year, I do set goals and my primary one this year is to avoid excessive isolation. I joined a small group at my church and I've increased my text messaging and emailing and card writing a notch or two with new and remaining friends. I am reaping a harvest of oneness with others and an increase in wellness. Turning off the TV and maintaining free or easy connections with friends and family makes life worth living. Freedom!

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