Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Having My Cake and Eating It Too!

One component of authentic love relies on doing something for others which they cannot do for themselves. It's the essence of enjoying a meaningful life that money cannot buy.

Yesterday, I received these expressions of authentic love for my birthday: My favorite German chocolate cake, you see above, baked by my mom, a handmade card from my 11 year-old godson, a card with some hugs (I love hugs) and a chat from a good friend at work, text messages, emails, and e-card from my sisters and a couple of friends, a phone call from another friend, and a surprise birthday email wish from a friend I had not heard from in a few years which truly warmed my heart and helped me recall some good memories. No amount of money can buy these real gifts and I feel incredibly rich by these expressions. When I decided to live a simpler life, it also empowered those who care about me to give me simpler gifts that are far more meaningful to me than having them shop while wondering if she will like this, whomp, whomp, whomp: I find no joy in people wasting precious time trying to find the so-called "right gift" at all!

The decision for me to live without expecting others to spend government currency for my birthday also plants seeds of freedom in others and furthermore keeps the government and marketers out of my personal business. Why should anyone have to pay taxes on my birthday gift when they can make it or tell me they care tax-free? (except for the unavoidable extra taxes we pay for phone services, Internet connections, etc.) My low maintenance life provides me a fruitful existence. Enjoying more of the stuff money can't buy - Freedom!

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