Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving and the Sky Isn't Falling!

Most of my adult life, I have either cooked an entire Thanksgiving meal or contributed to a gathering. NOT THIS YEAR! I neither asked anyone to join me today, nor did I accept any invitations simply because I really needed to rest. Since I don't eat out much throughout the year and cook/prepare all 3 of my meals each day at home (I always take my lunch to work), I allowed myself to enjoy a prepared meal from a local restaurant and it was really yummy! I kept thanking God that I could both afford the meal financially (paying cash for it, of course) and am now delivered from ever cooking on this holiday again. That's why I had the time to go work out at the gym early this morning, kick back, and read throughout the day. I went to bed very early last night because I was exhausted from working and enjoying my life during this short work week.

As I sat and waited for my order to take home, I watched so many families arrive to eat in the restaurant and take out that I really wondered if we are in the deep recession that the media/banks/government insist we're in as a nation. I saw several people come in and take out HUGE family orders in HUGE boxes while I had a nice and easy bag. These meals start at $23 for each adult so I know those folks with the big boxes must have spent well over $100-$200. the sky really isn't falling all over America. Let's continue to research our own news stories and not rely on the networks to tell us what to think. Freedom!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Frugal Living Includes Much More Than Money

Frugal living liberates me in all areas of my life. Since I seriously began the debt free quest in May of 2005, I've not only paid off significant amounts of debt (including mortgage debt but not debt free yet), I've been able to totally makeover all areas of my life! It hasn't been easy but totally worthwhile. I can honestly say that I've taken at least 1000 baby steps over the past 42 months but I am in a far better place in life - mind, soul, and spirit, than I was before. My Christian walk with God has grown deeper, I am currently 14 pounds lighter, I manage my time more effectively and I live in less clutter.

I have the same car and TV that I bought 13 years ago and I have no desire to use my savings to replace them. I am freer at this point in my life than I've ever been. I just feel lighter since I decided that living within my means is the best way for me to really enjoy my life and that I don't have to work, work, work to buy more stuff. I enjoy what I have and I am grateful! Freedom!