Monday, March 9, 2009

My First Debt-Free-Except-for-the-Mortgage-Birthday!

I turn 45 years old today and it's the first debt-free-except-for-the-mortgage birthday I've had since my 20's but then again I didn't have a mortgage back then. It's been an interesting journey that has changed my life in so many ways beyond a reduction in bills. (Check out my blog archive.) Simple living offers incredible stress-free rewards.

My birthday wish for everyone is that you will take the rest of 2009 to eliminate debt. It's a wonderful feeling to get a paycheck and only pay cash for one mortgage debt and simple services like utilities, goods like food, and fun stuff like saving and giving to others. Freedom to live without allowing the pressure imposed by the media and the culture to spend on stuff I don't need and most of which I really don't want is sustainable through good economic times and bad times. Freedom!

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