Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Government: For the People, By the People, Not AIG and Others Like It

Enough already!
We, the people, know how to stimulate the economy. We, the common people, know better than the bailed out executives, how to spend money in ways where MANY people benefit and not just a select few. Why give it to them? Why not give it to us?

If the US Government must give away money, it needs to give it directly to the people and not corporations or banks. Can we trust a government that would prefer that we borrow from a bailed out bank than give us taxpayers money directly and eliminate debt as we pay cash for everything? Not really. It's a vicious cycle and when the climate dictates that we, the common people, must borrow to live and make progress, we lose and remain slaves to the system. Those folks are having their own party and the rest of us are really only invited as servants on the outside looking in. Then, we, the common people, get caught up in wanting the stuff they, the bailed out and out of control few, have, the vacations they take, the toys they buy and going into debt to get it.

Forget all of that! I will live within my means and be very content.

The debacle with bailing out banks and big businesses reinforces my simple living and paying cash lifestyle. The people who gave the bailouts must be getting something out of it but they whine to the media about it being outrageous. Why play this game? When I am in a position of power to make changes, I just go ahead and make the changes. No posturing or whining required. That's part of being in charge of anything at any level in life.

We, the people, don't need to react. No! Proactivity is far more powerful and sustainable. I choose to not pay to play the game of stuff and debt and extraordinary living. The US Government obviously isn't going out of its way to help the majority of the people because those in power choose to cater only to the few in both private and public powerful positions - a smaller percentage of the population.

No more borrowing from the bailed out for me unless I become excessively desperate - God forbid. I'm bailing out of the debt game. I'll pay my taxes and I won't take out any loans in the name of a tax write-off when it's cheaper to just pay the taxes and not owe banks simulataneously. If the US Government doesn't want to effectively help me/us, then I will just settle for it staying small and out of the way of our progress as the hard working-not-asking-for-a-handout people of the United States of America. Freedom!

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