Saturday, January 24, 2009

Support Groups Promote Personal Growth

I joined a support group last night at my community church. Each Friday night, 24 groups, with every life topic imaginable, run simultaneously after a community dinner, testimonies of success, and announcements. I joined the Loving People group - based on the book by Dr. John Townsend - and I have a master teacher. I'm very excited! Our group had about 100 people in it. We later broke up into groups under 10 to discuss the teaching. It was a stretch for me but I'm up for a new experience.

In the general assembly of about 500 people, we celebrated one guy's one year of sobriety. If having 500 people applaud your success doesn't encourage you to stay on the wagon, what hope is left? (smiling) Another woman shared her freedom from abusive relationships. We applauded her courage to share the details.

I can't help but connect how my frugal life affords me the time and energy to learn from others in this setting. I am experiencing incredible joy and anticipation of personal growth. Real life has replaced TV programming and acquisition of more stuff for me. Real people will help my personal growth! Freedom!

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