Saturday, January 10, 2009

Designer Purse: $28 on eBay

This is a genuine Coach purse that I bought on eBay for $28. Used? Yes. Older style? Yes. I can use it for many years and I wanted (not needed) a black purse.

Purchases like this one make me giggle inside because I have nothing against most used/second-hand items. It ranks right up there with a London Fog raincoat I bought for $5 a few years ago at a yard sale and a silk blouse I got for $4 at a secondhand store.

So, yes, I like designer clothes and accessories. When I do buy new designer wear, I usually take advantage of the markdowns at the outlet stores which start at 40% off: I still wear an Ann Taylor blazer that was marked down from $160 to $40 about 4 years ago and I still receive ample compliments when I wear it with the $4 silk blouse and the $25 Tommy Hilfiger jeans. I think I paid about $30 for the brown leather shoes at the Bass outlet store. Amazing. Annually, I spend about $500 for clothes (so, obviously, I don't shop too often) but I also buy 2 to 3 pairs of running/walking shoes above the $500 because I wear them out.

I always buy new running/walking shoes and I like buying them at at a discount.
I absolutely love ignoring the commercials and the ads that constantly dictate EVERYTHING ... especially when they shout, "Hurry!"

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