Sunday, January 11, 2009

Living in a Peaceful Home

I happened to watch an episode of Super Nanny the other night and wasn't too surprised with the lack of order and routine the young coupled faced while raising their 3 little munchkins. I realize much of the drama may be accentuated because it is, after all, a programmed TV show in the race for ratings. However, I know first hand that many people really do live chaotic lives and have little control over their home life. Stressful!

I don't have kids, so I already have a tremendous advantage for peaceful living at home. I've known a few others in the past who are also single without kids but home isn't peaceful for them either. I'm not going to say that I am the world's best housekeeper, but my home is orderly and quiet. I can find whatever I'm looking for within minutes and I routinely plan decluttering days throughout the year. I scrub and vacuum the rooms myself on a weekly basis. Interior design isn't one of my strengths but for me, my living space feels cozy. I didn't buy too much house (only 1,000 sq.ft. on a 4,000 sq.ft lot) almost 10 years ago neither have I ever taken out a 2nd mortgage or a HELOC and so I really can afford to live here and I don't struggle: As it should be. Clearly, had I not controlled my behaviors, my desire for more, especially since the house really could use some basic improvements, I might be in foreclosure right now. Had I not gotten sound advice and read information for myself, I might be faced with a crazy mortgage plus a loan from HEL(oc) and not able to enjoy my "little" space. That's no way to live.

Frugal living frees me from complicating my home life since I don't have a need to fill it with stuff. I don't need to have parties to impress anyone. I don't invite those who appear arrogant and trapped by a pursuit of materialism or extravagant living IF they are also ATTACHED to a desire to criticize me because I've chosen to live otherwise. I'm careful who I invite to my home and I keep the peace. Comfort remains the top priority because it rejuvenates me. Maintaining inner peace and practicing healthy boundaries with myself and others provide the environment I need to live a productive life. It's so simple and enjoyable! Freedom!

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