Thursday, April 9, 2009

Welcome to Tax-Free Bartering!!!

I had 2 very new and exciting small scale bartering opportunities this week between 2 co-workers: One of them shared homemade bread with me while another gave me a daffodil. In exchange, I gave them fresh organic lettuce/mesclun blend from my garden. It didn't start out as an official trade but when I received their gifts, I wanted to exhange. No US currency used so no taxes owed. Freedom!

I will lawlfully pay taxes I owe but I intend to take advantage of every opportunity I get to legally avoid paying them. Currently, government isn't taxing love, generosity, goodwill toward each other, nor being a good neighbor. Yes, the "little" man can get ahead when we choose cooperation over competition and use less of the government's currency. Love each other. Freedom!

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