Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Full Moon Means Time to Run Away...From Debt!

A couple of nights ago we experienced yet another gorgeous full moon! Almost every time I see one, I think of the runaway slaves who escaped or died trying under the glowing clarity of the moon: They broke the law in search of freedom! Renegades to the core!

I used the renegade spirit as I spent 4 years running away from debt and finally broke free of the enslaving cycle. I "bought" my freedom and no one can convince me that voluntary debt is good for me and neither is a neanderthal FICO score. We must not only think outside of the box, we must insist on living outside of it altogether in how we use the government's currency parallel to our precious time and talents. The box remains a HUGE trap where those who benefit most are savoring the sour fruit of our own stupid uses of credit cards and wacky loans. They take advantage of our unwillingness to sacrifice, wait, save, then spend. I decided in 2005 I just would not live that way any more!

In my world of paying cash or living without it, I chronically experience serenity, peace, and joy: It didn't take a miracle, it took discipline and hard work. Less shopping for others and more time giving loving care, interest, concern, gosh, the simple time of day, leads to life sustaining connections that money cannot buy. Amazingly, a shared, simple homecooked meal with tax-free laughter and fun in the company of family and friends warmly fills up our senses and decreases our desires to overspend: Money cannot fulfill you! Stuff will never make you happy! We feel complete as the coins jangle in our pockets while we spend time together. One caveat in this recession: Many of us have a better understanding of what's really important. Let Freedom ring!

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  1. Would be lovely to meet you. Simply because you speak of everything I am currently experiencing and now know. Great to hear that your life is on track. Mine is not yet, here`s hoping :)