Monday, April 27, 2009

Homegrown Veggies

Recently, someone at work remarked that I was like Michelle Obama in growing my own veggies. I responded by noting that Michelle Obama is more like me since I've been growing some of my own food for over a decade and she apparently just started - with a lot of help I might add.

It's so wonderfully amazing to plant seeds one week and eat food from those seeds a few months later. You don't need to own any land to plant since many vegetables and herbs will grow in planters and pots. There's nothing like a home grown tomato or herbs for cooking. I feel like I am walking in God's abundance when I can depend on Him to produce as He works with my willingness to plant, fertilize, and water: He is my source. I feel less dependent on farmers and drivers and markets to connect me with the sustenance I need to survive. Since I know how to cook and follow recipes, I don't need to visit restaurants or buy packaged meals which cost a lot more than cooking from scratch even after you factor in use of energy. Knowing bsically what ingredients are in the food I eat matter much more to me these days than even a few years ago.

If it still cold where you live, try planting a few seeds indoors this week. Browse the numerous gardening sites on sunlight, fertilizing, and watering for great results. Enjoy the abundant life available to those willing to act on wisdom and knowledge. Freedom!

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