Saturday, February 14, 2009

Single and No Valentine? Becoming Better, Not Bitter!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of the 6 billion+ people in the world!
This message is targeted to the singles without a "special" Valentine: All you need is love! (Thanks Jesus and The Beatles!) Even if you had a special committed one-on-one romantic relationship, it's never enough. You've got to have those other friends and connections to make life balanced and fun. The more love I give, more love boomerangs back to me both from expected and unexpected sources.
One very important key to experiencing the abundant love around me is to let go of fantasies and accept whatever people have to offer: If some of the folks in my life can only offer me a paper clip, then I'll take it and make it useful... I won't put them on the shelf. Those willing and able to journey the deep waters of life with me, my soul becomes restored by their devotion and I experience incredible comfort and healing. However, I won't torture the paper clip bearers with how extensively the deep water navigators demonstrate their love for me nor will I attempt to change them. That's not fair! I just let them be! I've chosen not to feel cheated by the paper clippers because they do help my life in small ways as they do help keep small things connected and in one place. I'm taking it all in and enjoying the ride!
So, singles, make it your special day to love yourself then love others as you love yourself! I'm certainly not moaning and whining about not having one special Valentine 'cause I really have an abundance of love in my life through various healthy relationships! Love and Freedom!

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