Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm No Professional Economist But...

"Keep It Simple, Steph" has been one of my mantras for several years. While I am not a trained economist and I admittedly don't get the BIG picture of many projects because I can focus on implementing details, it just seems to me that the government is making a terrible move in the giving away of money it doesn't have. Here in California, our elected officials seem totally clueless about money and budgets. What's wrong with these snapshots?

What I do know about personal finance/personal economics still holds true on larger scales: Spending money you don't have only leads to more trouble, stress, insecurity, risk, early death - in some cases. It ends relationships, can lead to crime, doesn't promote harmony. I don't like the current government policies regarding economic stimulus based on my own past stupid mistakes with money. If I trusted government, I'd be scared to death right now. Since I trust God, wisdom, and the fruit and consequences of my own actions - both smart and dumb decisions, I can live in peace right here at home in my sweet little house without buying more stuff with money I don't have. Self control has become one of my greatest assets. Freedom!

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  1. Steph:

    I like your message of living with the consequences of your own actions, and having financial self control. It speaks clearly of individual responsibility and wise decision-making, two keys to creating a sufficiently abundant life, and peace of mind.