Thursday, February 12, 2009

Compassion for Mom of Octuplets Needed...Media, Go Away!

Based on my own experiences with confronting mental illness in my own family gene pool, and past periods of depression and anxiety within myself, I am assessing that the mom of the new octuplets needs our compassion far more than our judgment. Our country has a very poor record of how we address the mentally ill and I refuse to go along with how the media attempts to create opportunities to judge this woman. I find the interviews and articles frightening in setting her up as some type of scam artist. You have got to be kidding!

I want to challenge all of the pro lifers out there who have those blazing bumper stickers on your trucks, vans, and cars, (I'm a pro lifer but I don't have a bumper sticker) to contribute to improving this woman's situation and not allow those babies to fall into the rickety government-run foster care system. Although she and I live in Los Angeles County, I don't plan to become physically involved. It's easy to write a check but I'm beginning to pray about a meaningful contribution I can make than just a check so I'm starting by attacking the media in this blog: Let her be! I'm not allowing myself to get entangled in "how this could've been avoided" debates. As a realist, I address and respond to matters at hand: Those babies need a "village" if they are going to make it. Will keep you posted on my progress. Freedom!

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