Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Death of a Dream?" Really?

Check out "Death of a Dream," by Joel Kotkin in the Newsweek article online. It's a perfect example of negative voices that focus on splotches of evidence among a minority of California residents without considering the dispositions of the majority. Over 30 million people live in California. Mr. Kotkin decided to focus on a tiny sliver of the plutocracy which primarily includes politicians, Hollywood, and the dotcom industry to summarize his views of an entire state in the middle of crisis. While I respect his point-of-view, I can't allow it to debase my own thinking about creating and maintaining a fruitful life that can positively impact my own "little world." No matter where you live, it will not be perfect.

I've learned that wherever you go, there you are. I must make my life work for me no matter who is "in charge" because dreaming, working, seeking are all personal responsibilities. I do not put my hope in bureaucracy, government policies, politicians, the wealthy. No. My hope remains in the source, God.

Please don't be discouraged by the negative critics. Analysis, yes! Negativity full of doom and gloom, no! I'm learning that life's beauty remains more of an internal process than external. I can be very content in the middle of crisis. I don't need to run when trouble strikes. I'm learning to ride the waves and surf through it all especially in California! Freedom!

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