Monday, February 23, 2009

Benefits of a 4-Day Fast

Just completed a 4-day fast: 3 days of water only and 1 day of juice only. Today, and the rest of this week, I will gradually return to my next-to-regular-way of eating with vegan intakes. Already, I only eat chicken, fish, shellfish, and turkey products. I gave up pork quite a while ago and beef in the last year. I still enjoy the taste of red meat but my body does not digest it well at all so I let it go - even the occasional steak went bye-bye. (I will taste it if invited to someone's home and I live to tell about it. Not a big deal. (smiling))

Here were some of the benefits of my recent fast:

  • Fasting allowed my body to rid itself of toxins as it also forced me to slow down and rest. I rested in the same way you might do when you have the flu except I had no fever, cough, or runny nose. (There are many websites that explain this process. Check them out. keywords: benefits of fasting.) I still got a lot done!

  • The fast temporarily relieved me of chronic hay fever-like symptoms and I breathed clearly without any obstructions.

  • My mind became decluttered and my anxious tendencies were calmed. Often my stomach jitters even after a full meal and throughout the night. No jitters during the fast.

  • Fasting forced me to focus on the basic needs for rest and rejuvenation. I also meditated through prayer. As I realized my helplessness to complete this journey without some supernatural help, I simultaneously became strengthened in my spiritual connection to Almighty God.

  • On day 4 when I began drinking 100% juice and water, my energy increased exponentially and I felt an unusual wellness within me. I didn't crave any food at all. Throughout the day, I only consumed about 50 ounces of juice and I felt very content and inner peace ruled the me!

  • Fasting brought on clarity within my mind, heart, soul, and spirit. It gave me an incredible boost in being able to plan personal activities and projects for the months to come whereas before the fast, I had hit a "wall" or obstructions in my thinking.

  • I feel like I can take on the world today as my positive attitude has been reinforced!

Another side benefit of fasting: no dishes to wash and less waste. I became keenly aware of how much time I use, just to eat, by how much time became available from not washing dishes, preparing meals, and storing food. I had nothing to throw away and nothing to clean. Already, I don't eat out much which takes more time to find parking, select items, order the food, wait for the food, eat, and wait for the check, wait for the change, you get the picture.

I am hoping the vegan diet this week will reset how I consume food for the rest of the year. It's all an adventure! I will likely fast at least 2 more times this years. It's quite liberating to go without food for a while! Freedom!

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