Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Recession-Proof BBQ Wins with Friends and Family!

(Photo Courtesy of Freefoto.com)

So, mom and I decided to throw a Recession-Proof BBQ the Saturday of this past Memorial Day Weekend! She baked her heart out and I barbecued the night before. We joyfully served and waited on our guests. We decided to love on them and they loved us back! It was a hit!
The whole thing cost us less than a night's stay at a 3-Star hotel. We entertained about 30 people over the 8 hours our friends and family came and left. It gave us all an opportunity to escape the press of the recession and our personal drama. WHAT A RELIEF!

When we take the time to focus on others, we actually feel better ourselves. The cost is more time than money but the rewards are countless! Freedom!

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