Sunday, May 10, 2009

People ARE Spending So Ignore the Media!

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Again, was out yesterday taking mom to lunch after a pampering Mother's Day Eve morning at the day spa and guess what I saw? A restaurant and mall packed with people spending money! You just can't believe the media on this topic as I've been repeating over and over again since last Thanksgiving!!!

Maybe folks are spending half of what they once did but THEY ARE spending. Maybe a business once took in a million a month and now only collect half a million but, HELLO, adjust. No more whining to the media or the government!
From, "Unemployment rates rose in April for adult men (9.4 percent) and blacks(15.0 percent). The jobless rates for adult women (7.1 percent), teenagers(21.5 percent), whites (8.0 percent), and Hispanics (11.3 percent) were little changed over the month. The unemployment rate for Asians was 6.6 percent inApril, not seasonally adjusted, up from 3.2 percent a year earlier. "

I just want the media and government to give a balanced representation: 15% of blacks are unemployed which means that 85% are employed. 9.4% of adult men are unemployed which means that 90.6% are working.
10% of the national/state/local population that wants to work are unemployed. The other 90% who are working are spending, just not as much. Uh, this glass is more than half full!!!
Adjust! Adjust! Adjust!
Enjoy life and love each other! Speak the truth! Freedom!

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  1. Ignoring the media is usually a good thing. It's the media that tells us things that just aren't true:

    - Reagan and Ford will run as a "dream ticket."
    - The bird flu will wipe us out.
    - Swine flu is near pandemic proportions.
    - The stock market "has legs."
    - Stock up for the Y2K disaster.
    - Gas prices will be $6 per gallon all over.
    - There's going to be a paper shortage.

    None of these things happened. They were simply media events.

    So, there are fewer Americans in the stores feverishly trying to buy happiness. What's wrong with that? All of that will return in a little while, with or without the help of the media.

    In addition to the misinformation, we also need to ignore all the advertising and hype that tries to convince us that we would be happier if only we spent more and watched more TV!

    Let's turn off the tube and start living our lives the way we want to and not the way talking heads and Madison Ave. think we should.

    Here is a lengthy article with a couple of good videos that sum up the problem with media. It's really our problem to solve. The media are simply doing what they get paid to do. How much are we being paid to watch and listen to them? Not one red cent. Nevertheless the price is rather high.

    We have to remember that media only holds our attention if they have entertaining things for us to watch and listen to. They move from one disaster or crises to another, and if there isn't one, they'll create it.

    We all have to decide how much of our precious lives we'll dedicate to simply watching and listening to others who are paid quite well to keep us entertained.

    I make no time for it at all, and I have no regrets.