Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm Going to See Aretha in a Couple of Weeks...Paid Cash

For all of the skeptics who believe that us frugal folks are choosing deprivation over great living, we are not. We simply make sacrifices in many segments of life and focus on exceptional fun, to us, in other areas. I see it all the time: I have co-workers and friends who make exceptional incomes, live frugally, yet take extraordinarily expensive vacations each year. Choices!

I decided long ago that whenever I attend a concert, I will get the best seats I am willing and able to pay cash for. So, when I saw that the great Aretha Franklin was coming to the Hollywood Bowl in a couple of weeks, when I thought how much my mom would like to see her from only a few rows from the stage instead of using binoculars from the cheap seats, when I considered how much I avoid spending on everything else in my life, I felt comfortable and confident to spend a large sum of cash for this 2-hour concert experience! A choice without deprivation! Freedom!

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