Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Californians Vote NO to Tax Increases

There's nothing wrong with not wanting to increase taxes and it's okay to cut back or downsize spending and/or programs. It seems that eliminating is a bad word unless it relates to constipation. Well, it's not a bad word. We can also eliminate some of the voting districts and have fewer state lawmakers represent more people. Then, maybe, a fewer number of talking heads can reasonably come of with budgets that work decade after decade.

We see it everyday, programs and services, people in positions that the state government doesn't need to provide. Even as a public school educator, I've personally identified thousands of wasteful activities that stray too far from reading, writing, arithmetic, technology, and the arts over the two decades I've been in the system. (I still believe the government should provide basic educational services but in case you didn't know, many of the kids throw away the free lunches. We can encourage those who can to bring their own lunch and eat all of it!)

When I decided to eliminate debt from my life in 2004, I gave up a lot of foolish spending/thinking and "special programs" that I thought I had to have in order to really live. Guess what, I am living well without spending more than I can afford. Eliminating the practice of personal deficit spending has given me new life! I have more than enough mainly because I need and want less. Freedom!

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