Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Payday Lenders' Enslavement Process

(Article on Payday Lenders is linked in this blog's title.)

I have nothing else to add to the practice of payday lenders: Their businesses remain legal and rely on voluntary subjects who prefer another form of modern day slavery to freedom. Businesses cannot excel without willing customers and the government for bailouts when they fail.

I can only speak to the fact that when we choose to live on less than we make and less than what we want, when we provide ourselves with a cash cushion for the inevitable storms that will come into our lives by saving 10-20% of our income, we remain free or at least right at freedom's gates. I noticed in the article that customers were visiting payday lenders to pay car payments for a new car! !@#$% Another customer needed money for repairs on a BMW. HELLO! It seems that a viable solution would be to sell the cars and drive a previous owned (used) Toyota or Honda and pay off the debt. (I've driven the same Toyota pickup for almost 14 years - which I bought new. My next car will likely be an affordable Toyota or Honda .)

I am fully aware that most Americans don't want to be free but want to live the "TV Life" of glamor: You rarely see anyone on TV driving a 14 year old vehicle nor do you see the hundreds of hours per month real-life multi-millionaires work to increase their net worth . TV isn't real. Turn it off and live! Don't let the media/the Joneses steal your payday money you've worked so diligently for and enjoy a good night's sleep without all of this foolishness.

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