Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

The simple message of Christmas serves as the foundation of my simple living: Jesus was born to give us an abundant life that surpasses anything you will find on Earth designed by mankind. It can't be bought because it was freely given. It's all about love and freedom.

The beauty of the Christ(mas) story provides a wonderful outline for simple living even if you don't believe in the spiritual message: Most of the Bible is hands-on and very practical. It is full of timeless wisdom.

Striving to love God with all you have in you and genuinely loving others, which I find impossible without God's help, delivers us from the residue of this crazy world system. All of us face problems regardless of our faith but I have found that applying God's biblical instructions empowers us live beyond the rat race mindset and allows us to move forward collaboratively while living without burdens of the past. Freedom!

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