Monday, December 22, 2008

"Perfect People"

"The need to be perfect is a terrible burden. It means there is no rest, no serenity, only striving and failing, since perfection can't change and to be alive means to change. So even if it were possible to be momentarily perfect, that would be the end of the line - as a verb, "to perfect" means "to finish." The gnawing sense of imperfection can taint the simplest pleasure and the greatest triumph....being critical of others is an integral part of maintaining the fantasy that you are perfect and others must strive to keep up with you." - Dr. Joy Browne, radio psychologist, author of The Nine Fantasies that will Ruin Your Life.

I've also experienced that hanging around "perfect people" will drain your bank account because they are rarely satisfied with simple living even in its most costly forms. They often spend, spend, spend and those of us who won't go along with the program will PAY, pay, pay: financially, emotionally, and psychologically. Resisting their criticism is futile.
Run! Start and get your own life without them. Freedom!

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