Tuesday, December 30, 2008

DIY: Steph the Plumber

Above is the new bathroom faucet I installed myself! Although over the past 9 years I've installed kitchen sink fixtures, a garbage disposal, and a dishwasher (which was very easy), I found this particular project a bit challenging since I hadn't tackled this one before. I always aim for near professional without settling too much for slipshodiness. The best thing about plumbing is that you must get it right or you will have water everywhere. I am so grateful to all of the online resources available and my handy DIY books. I was just a little slow taking out the old, playing with the new, and finally installing it. Such is life.

After 6 hours (5 hours the first day and 1 hour the next) including a couple of extra trips to the hardware store for a new tool and new drain, I felt that good pride of not giving up and completing a near professional installation. The whole project cost me $50 (or $8 an hour) which includes the faucet. I am thankful for plumbers and I don't fault them for what they charge but I am so happy to be willing and able to do the work myself. Freedom!

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