Thursday, July 2, 2009

Enjoying a Fun and Frugal Summer

Please don't let a small budget stop you from enjoying time with your family and friends! Are you kidding me?

What can you do on a small budget?
  • Museums
  • Theme Park specials (with coupons) - and be sure to take your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches without any shame, thank you.
  • Many cities have free concerts
  • City/County parks - peanut butter and jelly picnics are a sure hit
  • City plunge (swimming) - usually very cheap
  • Library
  • Exercise - walking is free
  • Invite friends over for hot dogs and tell them to bring the buns. Laugh and talk for hours without the dumb TV
  • Netflix
  • Matinees at the local movie theater
  • Learn something new either on your own or pick a neighbor's brain.
  • Plant a garden (BTW, it's time to plant pumpkins for fall)

I do all of these things with my godson and he mostly cares about the time I spend with him more than the money I spend.


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