Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Frugal Living Includes Much More Than Money

Frugal living liberates me in all areas of my life. Since I seriously began the debt free quest in May of 2005, I've not only paid off significant amounts of debt (including mortgage debt but not debt free yet), I've been able to totally makeover all areas of my life! It hasn't been easy but totally worthwhile. I can honestly say that I've taken at least 1000 baby steps over the past 42 months but I am in a far better place in life - mind, soul, and spirit, than I was before. My Christian walk with God has grown deeper, I am currently 14 pounds lighter, I manage my time more effectively and I live in less clutter.

I have the same car and TV that I bought 13 years ago and I have no desire to use my savings to replace them. I am freer at this point in my life than I've ever been. I just feel lighter since I decided that living within my means is the best way for me to really enjoy my life and that I don't have to work, work, work to buy more stuff. I enjoy what I have and I am grateful! Freedom!

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